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THE COVIDIARIES - DAY 19 - 4th April 2020

Thank you so much for your entries yesterday Jane; it is so wonderful to read someone else’s take on current affairs, to read about someone else’s joys and worries, so come on ladies step up to the mark and let us read about some of your heartaches and happinesses.

The hardest thing that I am finding with all this isolation is that I am losing track of the days because there are no markers on our calendar as each day of the week progresses. Even the newspaper, with its date on is now read four days in arrears. In a former life Monday evening was bridge with the old boys from church, Tuesday evening was choir, Wednesday Patrick went to Rotary, Saturday evening I went to church with my father and on Sunday evening all four generations would sit down to eat together. Then there was shopping and lunch at the pub with father, singing lessons with Sue and walking with our dear friends on Exmoor.

I could become aimless, but no my dearly beloved has drawn up a weekly calendar, quite literally itemising my life in minutia and so now I arise, breakfast, wash my teeth, ten minutes of ‘sod 70’ exercises and do householdy things until ten when we have coffee. Then two and a half hours in the garden followed by lunch, next is a walk to Braunton to check on father and the horse and then home, which is followed by diary writing, supper and at last a moment to read a four day old newspaper. At half past eight (half an hour earlier than in pre-coronavirus days) the television goes on. We both refuse to watch the ten o’clock news and if nothing interests USon television we sit and read until bath and bed beckons. How sad are we, but what the calendar does is give the day purpose and direction.

From a friend, “Hard work speeds up the passage of time.”

I started sowing seeds in the veg. patch today, chard and broccoli, the latter is a new variety which should be ready for consumption in six weeks. Tomorrow is beetroot and lettuce. Courgettes, cucumbers , purple sprouting, leeks and kale have all germinated. I planted the whole packet so as to have some seedlings to share, so at some point I will organize a virus free drop off in Braunton for anyone who wants them.

We are going to take part in our first family quiz tomorrow night. Each person has had to find five questions on a topic and we are going to facetime (new technical jargon for me) and hold the quiz.

We have all run out of conversation as our days are so repetitive and the idea is that this will give us a bit of a giggle.

Very little on facebook except a beautiful piano recital from Sue, a piece and composer that I had never heard of. Will have to listen to some more by him.

Brad Bunyard, who is one of the stalwarts of Braunton asked in ‘Braunton Community Chat,’ “When the lockdown is over where is the first place you are going to go?” and I would like to add “do?” Answers for tomorrow, please. Spreadsheet needed Jane!


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