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THE COVIDIARIES - DAY 21 - 6th April 2020

The dates at the top are now correct. Thankyou Rachel S for spotting the date lag. Patrick and I do not watch much television, but we tuned into the Queen’s Speech yesterday evening after our Sunday social distancing supper, on the landing, with the next door neighbours.

Really showed them up by changing for dinner, but if the truth be known Patrick had his pj trousers on and I had shoved a dress on over my disreputable gardening clothes.

Life is tough for many of us and I am well aware that up here at Knockbeg we are blessed with a large garden and as a consequence of having it, a lot of work to do. Tonight I have transcribed a series of messages posted this evening that were prompted by Katie’s trip to the hospital and it succinctly describes the difficulties of life under lockdown. We are also doing the four day rule and spraying all food off, but the one thing that we had forgotten is our shoes.

I am off to do the Tesco shop tomorrow morning so it was good to get the lowdown on the procedure, and I will also on my return STRIP AT THE BACK DOOR, SHOWER AND THEN WASH MY CLOTHES. Please, all of you note Katie’s aunt’s advice. I will now run the messages because I think that it is important to realise that we all have the same fears, worries and feelings. This lockdown is here for the long term and I know that we will come through the door and out the other side stronger, fitter and with a greater appreciation of what we have. The difficulty is knowing that we will.


Hey ladies, how is everyone?? Iv had a real tough couple of weeks physically after my op but also mentally! Everything has all hit at once and all got a bit too much hence why I haven't been on here much or joining you all on Zoom! I went for my 2 week follow up app at the hospital this morning and oh my word what an experience that was. In the hour that I was up there I saw maybe 3 people that weren't staff and the car park wasn't even a quarter full!! Very strange atmosphere there and quiet! Then I went to Tesco and did a shop as the cupboards were pretty bare after being home for nearly 3 weeks! That was a strange experience too! But I must say Tesco in Braunton have done an amazing job setting everything out with markers and only allowing a few people in at a time, the queue wasn't too bad and It was well stocked, they had 2 ladies on the door with hand gel and they cleaned the trolly handle on entry!! Then came the stress of washing every thing that could be washed and the rest into the garage for 4 days! Then shower, change and all clothes straight into the washing machine!!! May all sound a little extreme to a few people but my auntie works up at the hospital as an anesthetist and has given me strict instructions 😂 must admit I'd rather take extra precautions than end up with my auntie attaching me to a ventilator!!! Well ladies if you've made it to the end of this well done and I hope to join you all on Zoom tomorrow evening if I can get the kids under control love to you all and stay safe xxxxxt.


Thank you Katie I’m struggling too. I feel in limbo, not sure if this lockdown will get extended or not. I struggle with the not knowing as I thrive on being in control of my life . I’ve cleaned my house top to bottom, cleaned my car and I’m just sat trying to juggle my finances. My mood is low and I’m feeling lethargic now too. I hate not being on tho go to be honest. However grateful that me and my girlies are safe and well. Lots of love and happy wishes to you xxxx


xSending hugs Katie. Eric had to take William back to the hospital via A&E on friday and that was a strange experience as they were both masked and trying not to touch anything. Super quiet too! We're washing everything from our shopping that can be washed and spraying everything (even the post) that comes into the house with Dettol spray, hand washing and not going out unless absolutely necessary. We're even leaving shoes outside after walking the dogs just in case. Crazy though isn't it when a supermarket shop fills you with anxiety, not just on the day you've done it, but in the following days too. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow on Zoom xx


I think it will need to be extended to be honest as unfortunately people still aren't doing as they are told! I have a feeling it will go into a full lock down soon!! I just keep looking around at all the things I could be doing but can't with one hand and getting quite frustrated!! But I can start to use use my arm a little now so hopefully I can make a start on a few small jobs I hate not being on the go to! Here if you ever need a chat Maria. Oh no Sharon, I hope he is doing OK now? Poor bugger hasn't had much luck the last couple of weeks has he? Yes we're leaving shoes outside too! We had bad news yesterday from a family friend who's grandad unfortunately lost his battle with the virus! It's certainly a very scary time at the moment xxx


Zoom will lift your spirits lovely will be great to see your lovely face even if it’s on screen you are doing all the right things and staying safe hun , just relax and enjoy your lovely garden


Oh Katie, you are certainly not alone ... scary times for us at the moment ... it’s just compounded when you’re disabled and can’t help yourself ! Zoom certainly lifts spirits and I certainly look forward to it on a Tuesday eve! Always here for a chat! Stay safe and keep well!! Xx

Two little snippets from the newspaper. First is from Neil Russell-Jones, author of ‘Your Own Allotment. “Go for fast and heavy-cropping plants such as squash, courgettes and French beans. A useful way of maximising a small space is to follow the ‘three sisters’ method: a sweetcorn and a French bean are planted in the soil along with a courgette or squash seed. The beans grow up the sweetcorn, which provides a support, and the squash or courgette provides ground cover to suppress weeds.

Feel good news is the in the second snippet. Loch Lomond, an independent Scotch distiller is making tens of thousands of litres of sanitiser. “We’re giving it away, it’s all free.” The independent Scottish craft beer firm, Brewdog, is bottling its own brand of antibacterial gel. Punk Sanitiser is going free to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and those who need it. John Lewis and Body Shop are donating care packages to the NHS. Timpsons and Kurt Geiger are keeping their staff on on full pay and the chief executive of the latter has suspended his own salary. Shame that a few top footballers could not do the same!

Over to Shona for tomorrow and see you on ZOOM. Thinking of you all and God bless you all.

With love, Sarah.

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