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THE COVIDIARIES - Day 6 - Sunday 22nd March

Mothering Sunday and I could not even take my father up to my mother’s grave or kiss my daughter, a situation that most of us should be in, but the irresponsible few are ignoring. This is a reoccurring theme throughout all the messages to-day.

Jane B. was on Exmoor witnessing groups of people bragging about walking together. Yesterday a pile of young visitors were taunting the local elderly as they tried to keep their six foot distance on Caen Street. We all agreed that the only thing we can do is lead by example and stay at home. I am doing my best, but still need to see my father, shop and hopefully get the prescriptions tomorrow. It is a fine balancing act. Patrick is badgering the local council to hurry up and deal with the pharmacy problem in Braunton. They are trying to sort out the vulnerable so that their drugs can be delivered.

Jobs are another problem, my son has heard that they are probably going to close down his factory and he and his wife are expecting their first child in May. Shell, a nursing sister has been told that despite her pregnancy she is to go into work. I do not suppose I will see them or my expected grandchild until the autumn.

Good to see Vanessa’s boys organising their workout, just what boys do for Mothering Sunday, when actually all you want is breakfast in bed. Bridget ordered a takeaway lunch from Riverside and she and the children sat at one end of the landing and we sat the other with eighteen foot of social distancing between us.

Nicky has come up with an idea for those in need to alert us by leaving a notice on their window. I like your pictograms. I believe in other parts of the country a red cross is help and a green tick is I am okay; much prefer yours, well done Emma. Maggi and the vicar are on the job in Pilton. I think that out here I will be dead in my bed before someone notices.

Choir Flapjack (Jenny Bigg)

8oz Oats 4oz Butter 40z Sugar (brown is nice if you’ve got it) 2-3tbsp Syrup

8oz - 250g 4oz - 125g

Melt the butter gently Mix in-the sugar and syrup Mix in the Oats

Put in a tin rough size about 20cm x 20 Cm (I use a silicone tray ) but any tin will do 15 mins 180c/ gas 6

When it’s cooked cut what sizes you want but don’t take them out until cooled

I always add tbsp marmalade (secret ingredient 😂) You can also add ginger and raisins

Message from Katie, “Ahhhh what a week..... hope all you ladies and your families are all safe and well?! So my day today has been mixed, we started off with a very cold and windy walk down Crow Point to collect some shells and stones to paint. It was so nice to get some fresh air and for the kids to let off some steam Milly is much better now and her asthma seams to of settled for now. Carl came home (only for the weekend though ) then we had an absolute angel turn up with mine and the kids prescriptions because I can't take the kids to busy places, thank you so much Emma, you absolute super star. Then our last event of the day was a phone call from the hospital, they would like me to go in for my elbow surgery on Tuesday!!! Total shock as they announced on the news the other day that outpatient ops were all on hold for the next few months!! Now off to sort the kids and travelling to and from the hospital as Carl will not be here! Stay safe lovely ladies xxx”

Thank you Linda for checking on us all, biggest problem is a shortage of maltesers for Jane B and Rachel J but not Kim as she has given them up for Lent. Bugger the loo rolls.

Some of you have noticed that I am not so ebullient over the last few days, but the world is gloomy but on a good note the new school dinner lady (me) has sorted out school lunches for the next door neighbours tomorrow.

Just a little thought; Patrick hates it when I say that because it normally involves hard manual labour for him. I think that it would be lovely if we could have a “guest” writer, one of you, once a week, just so we can have a different perspective for our eventual book; at this rate it will be an encyclopaedia, complete with index.

This is absolutely brilliant Cheryl and yes it would be great for our next concert. (Sung to the tune of 'I Will Survive).

At 1st I was afraid, I was petrified, There was no loo roll down at Aldi and I nearly cried. Oh I spent so many nights just thinking how you did me wrong, I used to wipe, And now I’m forced to just drip dry !

No anti-bac ! No bloody soap, and if you think you’re buying pasta well you’ve got no bloody hope ! I would have bought that box of eggs, I would have rationed out my bread, If I’d have known for just one second everyone would lose their head !

Go on now go, walk out the door ! All you bloody stockpilers, You are not welcome any more ! Weren’t you the ones who just bought all the sodding beans ? You selfish gits ! I hope you spill them down your jeans !

Oh no not I, I won’t panic buy! Though I can’t buy my usual cheese, This will not bring me to my knees And I’ll survive, I will survive, hey, hey !

It took all the strength I had not to fall apart, There was just apples and 1 carrot in my shopping cart, And I spent hours walking round just feeling sorry for myself, The empty store, with boxes strewn across the floor

And you’ll see me, somebody who, Cannot buy anything she came for, and it’s all down to fecking you And frickin Reg from down the road is such a selfish blimmin git Because he stockpiled all the loo roll so nobody else can have a s@*t !

Go on now go, walk out the door ! All you bloody stockpilers, You are not welcome any more! Weren’t you ones who just bought all the sodding cakes Can’t you make a crumble, Do you people not know how to bake ?

Oh no not I, I won’t panic buy ! Though I can’t buy my usual cheese This will not bring me to my knees And I’ll survive, I will survive !

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