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THE COVIDIARIES - Day 10 - Thursday 26th March

Another beautiful day or as Jane Scott said, “Thank goodness for the sunshine.” Been out in the garden, turning over the veg. patch and watering. Watering in March!

The beach is now closed and so all those selfish numpties are parking at the bottom of our drive and walking to the beach to surf. The rules are that you must take your exercise from your house; one of them actually holds a responsible job in Braunton. The excuse was that the children needed to get out; all the children need to get out. It is not about you it is about the other people you are going to infect.

News from Knockbeg. Angus, my son, has persuaded his father, Patrick, to sign up for a virtual walk from Mt. Cook to the east coast of South Island, New Zealand, a journey of 182 miles. Lots of swearing going on because himself keeps forgetting to put on his Garmin and you cannot retrospectively add the miles.

Yesterday, and on through the night with headlamps glaring and this morning the farmers have been planting seed potatoes. New seed, new life and the growing season continues. If you cannot get out Cawthornes are doing home deliveries for orders over £20, 01271 812053. Also Philip Dennis facebook page has details on ordering food and their distribution points. Dan left this afternoon in the campervan to fly the air ambulance in Hertfordshire. The airfield is secure so rather that stay in NHS accommodation he feels safer on his own. Bridget is feeling rather down with him going and not knowing when he finishes his shift, if he can come home. She finishes teaching tomorrow and the children start holidays so that will brighten things.

I had to laugh at Penny’s message in response to Emma’s mothers underpants face mask and have a confession to make; after a really bad cold I boil all my snitchrags in the ham pan with some bleach and biological washing powder, just like her mother...

Choir news is little to-day as we all adjust to our incarceration. Tracy and Kim have been doing a Joe Wicks workout. Who?????

Little to report on, but an article from the newspaper: As the police helped out by taking sausage rolls and sandwiches to people begging on the streets, one man said it was his first food for two days. ‘It’s horrendous right now. They’ve shut down homeless centres where we got breakfast, coffee and a shower, and when we’re out begging no one wants to touch us.’ He added: ‘Don’t take this the wrong way, but because all the shops are shut we can’t even go shoplifting.”

Do not forget to open your windows, stand at your front door or at the garden gate at 20.00 hrs to cheer all the NHS workers and those who are working around the clock to keep us fed, watered and the country running. No one will see or hear us here, so we are going down the drive for Bridget and the grandkids to stand on one side of the main road and us on the other. We are even leaving at five minute intervals to uphold social distancing rules.

To Jane S I hope your husband’s visit to the hospital went well; strange to think of it as empty. The calm before the storm. Also to our two recent hospital patients, Colin and Katie, have a good recovery and take care of yourselves.

Well it is goodbye from me as Jane B takes over for tomorrow.


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