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THE COVIDIARIES - DAY 15 - 31st March 2020

Now it is the “Easter Holidays” the children are not keen to be doing any home learning. Understandable, but I think its important to try and have a bit of structure to our day. I have been getting up at 6:45am every weekday morning to join in on an online fitness class and the children have been getting up in time to do Joe Wicks at 9am. At least then I feel like we have done something to get the blood moving. Unfortunately, this week it is not having the desired effect of making us feel motivated for the rest of the day. Perhaps this is due to reality setting in or perhaps due to the lack of routine. Probably both. Plus hormones!

Benjamin spent the whole day on a long forgotten Lego set, which I thought was rather constructive and he doesn’t often stick to one task, so I left him to it! Eleanor will resort to scrolling through her phone if she doesn’t have a task to hand, so I have tried to keep her busy today. This is very much like me and I absolutely hate it, so in my attempt to keep Eleanor busy I am actually keeping myself occupied too. We did have a bit of a lazy afternoon, but this morning, after we attempted Cheryl’s music quiz (more on that later…), we made flapjack and slow-cooker fudge. The flapjack is becoming a bit of a Tuesday habit! Great recipe by the way, Jenny, thank you. We had to miss out the marmalade today though as, shock horror, we’ve run out!!

Tuesday night choir rehearsal has been the absolute highlight of my day. I really thought that the format we used to learn/relearn Angels worked well tonight and I look forward to working on the second half next week. It really was great have some of our past members (Hannah, Katherine, Tammy & Fiona) join us.

Cheryl has been amusing us on the choir Facebook page today. The music quiz this morning was fun. Eleanor and I had a go and had to guess quite a lot of them, so imagine our surprise when Cheryl said we had them all correct! However, she tricked us, we actually only got 4 correct!! Next, a whipped cream challenge! I happen to have squirty cream in the fridge, so I think the kids and I will attempt that tomorrow…

In amongst all this fun, Cheryl has also found time to up-cycle some chairs. Impressive!

Pennie has been out in the garden. Her planter was looking rather forlorn. But I am sure with Jenny’s gardening tips it will soon be a thing of beauty. We look forward to seeing the results…

Shelli & Nicky have both posted some funnies for us. Who knew you could learn Chinese in 5 minutes!! J I have only worked out a few of the emoji “Illnesses Quiz”, but Q.10: roo-bell-A for rubella really tickled me.

Maggi posted a craft idea for children (or adults!) to make Elmo-type elephants out of milk cartons. The finished result looks very cute. I can’t imagine mine would ever look that good though!

Did you see the clip of the talented musical family, that Lindsay shared? They were singing their Corona version of One Day More. Simply brilliant! I have ambitions of my family doing this… Eleanor had just started Dock of the Bay in her guitar lessons, and my husband has been teaching himself the bass guitar part. If we add Benjamin on the drums and me singing we’ll have our own family band…!!

I will leave you tonight with some words that my 13-year-old Eleanor has written. I asked her to write a paragraph on her thoughts of the current situation, originally intended for Sarah to include in her diary entry, but Sarah suggested that I use it in my entry.

Due to Covid-19 I can no longer do things that I’m used to doing like going to school, seeing my friends in person and something as simple as going to the park. It makes me realise how many things we all take for granted as everyday things. 

Home schooling is ok but it’s not the same as a teacher at the front of the class teaching you a subject that they are a specialist at. I miss being in a school environment, even though it can be super annoying and boring at times!

I feel that once this is all over, and everything goes back to normal, we will be better off than we were before this. We have learnt to look out and be there for one another even if it’s not face to face.

Shona x

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