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THE COVIDIARIES - DAY 16 - 1st April 2020

It was lovely seeing you all on ZOOM last night, especially ex members Fiona in Scotland, Katherine in London and Tammy in Australia. Tammy had roused herself at 03.00 hrs to be with us and that deserves a very big thank you from us all.

Great to see Shona and Eleanor’s diary entry last night, and to read about our crisis through the eyes of the young. I hope that we will hear from you next week Eleanor. I think it is very noble of you Shona to be rising at 06.45hrs to do online fitness, the Farrellys’ day only sees one 06.45 in twenty-four hours.

Patrick and I have been very busy in the garden, turning over the compost heap which smells of fermenting apples because we had such a surplus last autumn. We came across a multitude of drunk worms; in fact I think we could call our heap a ‘debauched wormery’.

Interesting news on facebook, which shows our different coping strategies. Beth says, “Guys I'm so sorry I didn't make it again this eve. Just trying to adjust to everything tbh - we spent the day (in between a few straggly work calls) in the garden building a new deck for the hot tub and doing some well overdue gardening. Charlotte finally emerged at 6.15pm so we took a family walk with dogbe - it seemed more important as she has been spending a lot of time "with her friends" online! I do miss you all tho and loving seeing the old faces popping up. Did you have a good 'un?”

Hayley "Sorry I bailed as well. Just not feeling the best at the mo. I may just stay quieter than usual until all this is over!" and Nicky responded, "People are dealing with it in different ways aren’t no worries... you know we are all here for you if you need us." Hayley, “Thanks Nic (and everyone).... We seem to have adopted a much slower pace and bedtime has become a whole evening event .”

Started reading The Sunday Times today after it had spent three days in isolation, although I am now told that it needs four days. Four tips for isolation from :

  1. A HOSTAGE: Terry Waite. Don’t regret the past. No self-pity. There are many people in a worse position than you. Take one day at a time. And keep hopeful.

  2. FORMER PRISON INMATE : Carl Cattermole. Alternate between exercise for the mind and for the body. Every 10 pages, I’d stop reading and do 10 push-ups. That quickly went up to 20, 30 . . . up to 200.

  3. SUBMARINER : Jon Bailey. Connect with people through Whats App, phone or talking with your neighbours from a safe distance. You may be confined but you are not alone.

  4. ASTRONAUT : Chris Hadfield. Take action. Start doing things. Read, write, create. It’ a chance to do something different that you’ve maybe not done before.

In a nutshell, “Read lots, stay hopeful and be glad you’re not chained to a radiator.”

Jenny and Maggi, like us, are both busy in the garden starting new life which involves loo rolls and sunflower seeds. Sharon has set up Chivenor Military Ladies Sing so that past members can be in contact and join us on ZOOM. Penny sent us details for the ‘littlies’ to create some art work to send up to the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London.

Details on mole catching to come tomorrow, but I want to go and have some supper so it will have to wait.

I will leave you with the news that North Devon District Hospital has the lowest number of coronovirus patients. Keep up the good work ladies, self-isolation, social distancing and washing your hands will help us all.


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