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THE COVIDIARIES - DAY 28 - 13th April 2020

The Farrellys are having a low key day as Patrick is grounded with what we think (diagnosis on google is never a good thing) is sciatica and is virtually immobile. Tomorrow we will telephone the surgery and see what they think. Standing up cripples his left thigh and sends it into spasms and sitting down cripples his left buttocks so life is not good, but, yes, we know it could be a lot worse.

The flies are slowly trickling into the house and a rummage into the kitchen drawer that has the title of ‘I do not where to put this’ revealed some sticky fly papers. The rat catcher (rodent control officers now) informed us that if you live in a white, south facing house surrounded by pasture land you will be guaranteed flies. How correct he is as every autumn we have to hoover out the loft, which has an inch thick carpet of them as they all rush in looking for winter quarters.

My son telephoned yesterday morning to say he had found out that Plymouth Cathedral were live-streaming Easter Mass on u-tube, which was a first for me. It was not quite the same without the warmth of a congregation, however, it was sung and that was beautiful. Nothing like a bit of plain chant to ground and uplift the spirits.

Rita has sent a message about her mother.

Happy Easter everyone. Have been struggling over last few days as my mum 87 has been found on the floor the last few days by her carers and visited A n E yesterday in Middlesbrough. She was then sent back home due to virus. All extremely worrying. However just spoken to her this afternoon and she sounds much improved and brighter! Fingers crossed this continues.

This is a worry that I think that we are all suffering from. How are we going to care for our elderly relatives? All is fine while they are fine, but if anything goes wrong troubles start to multiply. My father is having trouble with his oven, whether it is him or the oven I am not sure as I can always get it to heat up. Problem is if the oven goes bang there is no means of replacing it, because it involves an electrician.

Hayley is concerned as to how she is going to isolate her husband as he returns from abroad and various members of the choir are doing their best to find alternate accommodation for him as he self isolates.

Apparently all this lockdown has created cabin fever and a rise of a new genre of fiction – quarantine erotica - published electronically. So if the need to read something other than Dickens arises here are a few titles to whet your appetite:

Sex During the Coronavirus Pandemic : WH Fielding

Love in the Lockdown : Jordana Pietersen

Coronavirus : a Story of Taboo Romance : Vickie Holmes

So it is goodbye from me as I contemplate how I am going to keep an acre of grass at bay while himself is immobilised. Not all bad news as five minutes ago I learnt to ‘cut and paste’ when I got the paragraph about Hayley in the wrong place. I will try and bide by the sentences below.

Fear is dangerous. It is the enemy of reason. It suppresses balance and judgement. And is an infection.


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