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THE COVIDIARIES - DAY 29 - 14th April 2020

I trust that we all had a good Easter weekend? Perhaps a little bit different to the usual. Clive has still been at work during lockdown, but he took Friday and Monday off; it was rather nice to spend some time together as a family of four. We played Exploding Kittens, Benjamin’s new card game that he bought with some Christmas money. I’m not sure that it classes as an essential on-line purchase, but it brought some laughs to our kitchen table!

When he puts his mind to it my husband can be quite handy and I’ve been asking him for ages to make us some garden furniture out of some dis-used pallets. On Friday he, with a little bit of assistance from Benjamin, made a couple of tables. We found some paint in the garage, just enough to paint one of the tables, and now we have a fully functioning structure, the correct height to stand next to the BBQ, to place meat and a bottle of beer on!! Now we just need some charcoal for said BBQ and some more paint for the second table!

A neighbour recommended a book called The Long Call which is set in North Devon. It was written by the lady who created Vera and Shetland. I love a detective novel and it was great to be able to picture all the places that she mentions. I spent quite a lot of the weekend reading in the garden. I felt a bit lazy sat with my feet up, but I soon got over that!! I finished the book last night and now need a new recommendation, if anybody has any let me know…

We had plenty of virtual contact with friends and family this weekend; never has the internet been so useful! On Friday night we shared a drink (or two, or three) and had a catch-up with our friends who were meant to be visiting on the weekend. The virtual pub quiz on Saturday night was lots of fun, although we need to up our fancy dress game for next weekend. One couple had made, and were wearing, a cruise liner for the ‘around the world cruise’ theme. Very impressive!

Today has seen the return of School Of Mum And Dad (SO MAD – haha!). Both of the children’s schools have provided plenty of online work for them, so after Joe Wicks and a shower, ‘school’ started. I told them both last night that I’d be writing their school reports this term, they thought that was hilarious.

Our choir page has been full of some very yummy looking brownies and flapjack, Tracey and Jenny shared us photos of their brownies and Rachel shared her and her daughter’s flapjack. Please keep sharing your recipes ladies! It’s nice to have the time to try out new recipes.

Family haircuts (I’m assuming all successful ones?!) have been happening in Nicky’s house. They didn’t even need to use a bowl! I think we need some photographic evidence and perhaps a tutorial on how best to tackle a home hair cut!

Our social media team have been as fab as ever this weekend, putting together items for our public pages and a video message for Tom Moore’s 100th birthday at the end of the month. Please send Emma your video message if you’d like to be included in this.

Katie asked for volunteers to provide a photo and a word to put together a collage that would read “stay safe, stay kind and stay home, let’s flatten the curve together”. The finished product looks fab on our public pages.

For the next project, Emma would like to put together something to say thank you to all of our key workers, military style; we salute you! If you would like to volunteer then all she needs is a “picture of you saluting, children, husbands etc. all welcome to get involved too (even in uniform if you/they wish) as long as they are happy to be on public sites…You could even go the whole hog and dress up if you like

Emma and her daughter took a dog walk along the Tarka Trail yesterday and couldn’t resist singing “oo” “oo” under the bridge, a la the Military Wives film bridge scene. Brilliant! Jenny admitted that she had a go this morning whilst on her dog walk. Perhaps we should all have a go if our daily walks take us near a bridge. We’d love to hear the results!

I will leave you now and hope to see you all shortly for our next choir Zoom rehearsal!

We send our very best wishes and hope that the painkillers set in quickly to ease Patrick’s sciatica.


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