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THE COVIDIARIES - DAY 31 - 16th April 2020

First attempt at writing a Diary for you all! I will apologise in advance for the lack of punctuation ha ha.

Well life in our household has certainly changed! What is normally a chaotic household in which every day is a mad dash, involving school runs, after school clubs and work thrown into the mix. Has now become very relaxed!

Every week day starts with Jo Wicks for the boys, Ethan who is 10 loves it and rarely misses a day! Jacob on the other hand likes to either participate whilst annoying his brother where possible, or tries his best at thrashing mummy at it. Some mornings I join in with them but can't help myself from correcting their posture and generally pushing them a bit harder! Sorry boys mummy’s a fitness instructor. Don’t worry I leave the room before I annoy them too much.

We tend to get half an hour of school work done. Then I join a Crossfit (see managed to get it in here! Just for you Beth !) via zoom! This is my “me time”, and keeps me sane during my attempt as a teacher! I train a lot normally but since lockdown it’s certainly increased! But then so has my love for chocolate! Conveniently the boys received loads, so when i have a “snaccident” its normally from their Easter egg supply.

Home schooling - Well it started off with me feeling rather overwhelmed by the whole experience. A lot of inhead swearing, and generally struggling to understand what the hell was going on!. Anyway littlest pest Jacob (6) who’s the youngest in yr 2 generally starts off moaning a bit but then cracks on and really tries hard. His teacher has thanked me for the support he’s clearly getting at home and has said he’s working the hardest in his class. Clearly doing something right! Ethan on the other hand will do it as fast as possible, send it to his teacher, without me checking. Receive it back quite quickly with a note saying where's the punctuation! Clearly gets that from me, ha. Daddys a maths genius so that's really improving.

One thing i'll certainly take from this is I actually don't need to food shop every day! My planning for meals has certainly improved, hopefully the actual cooking might too!. I'll be sure to let you know.

I have always read but it’s always sporadic, but with this beautiful weather I have enjoyed rather a lot of time lying in the sun reading. I will definitely have a cracking tan soon. Although I look like i've been on a lovely hot holiday for some time already.

Here are 2 of the books i've read

The Arrangement. Robyn Harding.

It's a thriller that you just have to keep reading. Based on a young girl's struggles, in New York and how far she will go to survive there. Definitely worth a read.

The Other Mrs Miller. Allison Dickson.

Fast moving twisty thriller. Really enjoying this a real page turner.

Peter James is a great author too, Cold Hill house was very good!

Bit of excitement, riot van just turned up at the end of our close! Boys dashed out as they could see someone dressed as a police dog. Bideford police were handing out Easter eggs to the children! What a lovely thing to have done, clearly my rather short gym shorts didn't get me an egg too ha.

Has everyone seen the beautiful video using The Sound Of Silence by disturbed, but with pictures of empty streets rather than the original video? I loved it, its my favourite song ever the original video is really powerful! I love it, watch it and let me know your thoughts.

I will leave it here as i've waffled enough already, that and the husband has requested a haircut, he's clearly forgotten what a great job i did of the boys and mums dogs ha ha.

Lots of love and hugs to you all and hoping Shirley’s daughter is feeling better soon.

Over and out Estelle xxxxx

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