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THE COVIDIARIES - Day 8 - Tuesday 24th March

After Boris’ announcement last night, I awoke feeling rather less optimistic than I had felt on Monday morning.

However, I dragged myself out of bed at 6:45am to get online for 7am for an online exercise class using Zoom.

I managed to get into the class on time today; yesterday I was looking at myself on the screen for 5 minutes before I realised that I had to click the join-with-video button!

This was then followed by yet more exercise at 9am, but with the children this time. We tuned in to Joe Wicks on his You Tube channel. Great fun! Exercise really is the best way to put me in a positive mind-set to face the day ahead. I must remember this when life goes back to ‘normal’ and I hit the snooze button on my attempt to get up for an early morning run!

The rest of the day has been spent helping my children, Eleanor (13) and Benjamin (10) with their home-learning tasks set by their teachers. Eleanor is rather miffed that her younger brother gets to do “fun stuff” such as cake baking experiments and writing a story on the theme ‘cake factory explosion’, whilst she is writing newspaper articles on Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry for English and fact-files on the HS2 rail project for geography. But I admire her determination & perseverance as she recreated two pieces of work after it ‘got lost’ in the wonderful world of the internet.

Of my own tasks today, my favourite has been making a batch of flapjacks using Jenny’s recipe, and I added the special secret ingredient! Cannot wait to try them, they smell delicious!

Vanessa has been doing some choir practice and feels better for opening her lungs a bit, but admits she had a wobble during You Raise Me Up. She also has a suggestion “could we maybe record some messages to send to people in care homes to cheer them and the wonderful staff up”, great minds think alike and Nicky is already working on something…

We heard the good news on Jo’s Dad “Dad is in his own home safe and sound thanks to the ever wonderful Edward doing a 10 hour drive yesterday so I could stay and keep my boys safe ❤”

Sue and Colin travelled to Bristol yesterday for Col’s eye operation, we wish him a speedy recovery safe at home now.

Emma, Cheryl & Vanessa (and my 13 year old daughter!) all reporting that they have received the official text from the government stating the new rules that are now in force. We must all stay home now, only leaving to go work (if you’re a key worker), to shop for groceries, medicine and other essentials, to exercise outside, to provide care or help to a vulnerable person, for any medical help.

This is an incredibly serious situation where we must all do our bit to shield the vulnerable and to slow the spread of the virus so that the NHS has a chance of coping with the numbers of those who are seriously affected.

To brighten our spirits we have choir this evening. Rachel has given us a few pointers for tonight’s on-line rehearsal; wear headphones, have your music to hand, but this is my favourite line “Can I also suggest (can't believe I'm saying this) that a glass of wine or your favourite tipple might be beneficial?!”

I think that we are all excited about ‘meeting-up’ tonight! Jane says “Quite excited about this eve!! Looking forward to seeing you all! ❤”

Ann will be joining us from the other side of the world in New Zealand where unfortunately she is having to stay longer than anticipated “we’re staying with my cousin who has a full freezer and a pantry also a substantial wine collection”. Every cloud really does have a silver lining!

Another member joining us tonight is Alison, who can’t often attend a regular Tuesday night rehearsal.

We are not quite sure how tonight will pan out, Rachel warns that it wont be like a regular rehearsal, but “At the very least, it will enable us to have a bit of a chat and see everyone”

For a bit more fun, how about a Choir Song Emoji Quiz? Vanessa has created one for us and our choir members and our following on social media have been enjoying solving them.

For some more online singing we have Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus. He and his team have worked on an arrangement of 'You are my Sunshine', which he premiered on You Tube last night with an introduction of how this project will work. I believe this evening his live stream will include the voice parts to the song. Tune in to Gareth for more info!

We had news last night that Lionsgate are to make the film Military Wives available to rent at the end of this week. I know many people who were disappointed not to get to the cinema to see it, so this is good news.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings! You’ll have Sarah back tomorrow and Jane B has offered to write in the coming days. I’m sure any other volunteers would be welcomed with open arms. It’s lovely to get other perspectives on this strange situation we find ourselves in.


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